Research and Evaluation Project

Waminda is presently undertaking research and evaluation activities to ascertain current health and well-being issues pertinent to Aboriginal women and their families within the region. 

The Shoalhaven Koori Women’s Study aims to honour Aboriginal women’s voices through an action research process that partners Indigenous research paradigms whilst maintaining scientific rigor. 

The study includes an evaluation component that will assess effectiveness of Waminda’s service delivery and partnerships within the region.  A vital element is building the capacity of the service to ensure staff and board members are able to conduct their own research and evaluation activities that are relevant and of benefit to the service. 

The reliability of such a model will be assessed to identify key recommendations so that other Indigenous communities may be able to implement a similar process.  This is a unique position where the community control service is leading the agenda thus changing the way research and evaluation is conducted whereby the service is involved from conception to completion.