Birthing on Country - Info coming soon. In the meantime...

Please follow this link to see Waminda's involvement with the Birth Time Documentary Project and see info below.

‘What would it mean if all women, regardless of their race or socioeconomic status, could choose to work in partnership with one midwife who provided them with continuity of care throughout their whole pregnancy, birth and postnatal period? And for the birth to take place in the venue of their choice and one that suited them and their individual circumstances. What will it take for women to emerge from their births feeling innately powerful, physically well and emotionally safe? Isn’t it time for women’s needs in birth to be heard!’

The Birth Time Team with Waminda

The Birth Time Team with Waminda

‘The Birth Time team are just over half way through their self-funded production of the Documentary Feature Film, 'Birth Time', a film that is taking a deep look into what is really going on in our maternity systems around Australia.
As part of the filming schedule, we will travel to the Northern Territory to spend time filming within some urban, rural and remote Indigenous communities and examine what is happening amongst the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and their babies during their pregnancy and birthing time.

Your contribution can help us do this, as well as fund a free short film that we will share with you, showing you the experience and the ‘behind the scenes - making of’ from this section of the Birth Time production.’

With a couple of weeks to reach their target we hope you are able to contribute or support in some way. For more info on the Birthing on Country documentary and donations please follow the  Birth Time - Birthing on Country Campaign.