Balaang Healing at Balaang Gunyah - 'women's place / home' (For more information call Balaang Gunyah on 4447 2222)

About Balaang Healing:
Balaang Healing has been developed in response to the social and emotional wellbeing, spiritual, cultural and physical health needs of our community.  It has been designed and is led by Aboriginal women under the guidance of our Elders. Their voices are powerful in the design of our healing processes and there is a commitment to pass on cultural knowledge, identity and healing.

The Balaang Healing team:

Our team consists of the Balaang Healing Therapist / Counsellor, Case Manager, Disability Support Connector, Healing Program Manager, Cultural Mentor, Cultural Art Menot and After Hours Community Mentor.

What we do:

When women on their healing journey come to Balaang Healing they are recognised and valued as their own healer. The strength, resilience and determination that they have demonstrated and that has carried them through their lives to this point is witnessed and validated. 

It is the role of the Balaang Healing team to create a culturally safe space; provide a place for quiet reflection and deep listening; support women on their healing journey and be ‘with’ the women through their transitions; witness and reflect back to women where they are at on their journey; ‘show unconditional positive regard; create space and opportunities for women to step into their family, community and cultural roles; provide complimentary, narrative, expressive and sacred art therapies to integrate each woman’s experiences; create opportunities for women to connect or re-connect to culture, country, local Elders and communities; and be a conduit for women to access other mainstream services appropriate to their needs.

Women and their Aboriginal families are invited to come along to any or all of the following services provided at Balaang Gunyah:

·         Creating Vision Boards/ Care Plans
·         Therapeutic Groups
·         Short Courses and Workshops
·         Yarning Circles
·         Connection with Country
·         Cultural Mentoring/ Recreational Support
·         Cultural Art/ Art Mentoring
·         Women’s Group
·         Narrative Therapy
·         Art as Healing
·         Women’s Gatherings
·         Cultural Exchange  
 ·        Australian Bush Flower Essence (ABFE) - Consultations
          There is a fee of $5.00 for women who are unemployed and $10.00 for women who are employed to cover product costs
·         Meditation and Coping Strategies
·         Short Term Accommodation
·         Care Coordination, Advocacy and Referral
·         Disability Support Connection (NDIS and My Aged Care)

Or women can drop in have a cuppa, a yarn, relax and enjoy the space when needing some time out from everything…

Program operating hours are between 9.00am and 4.30pm Monday – Friday. With 24 hour staffing for women in short term accommodation.

*Suggestions and feedback welcome

For more information please contact staff at Balaang Gunyah on 4447 2222

Referrals: Please download and complete this BALAANG GUNYAH REFERRAL FORM and send via email to

Balaang Gunyah – ‘womens place/ home’ - 28-30 Seagull St, Orient Point, NSW 2540