Waminda on wheels concept

(Holistic outreach / mobile service)

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Please write 'Waminda on Wheels' in the message when donating to our 'general campaign' so we can track your contribution and add your funds to this project. Please bear with us whilst we create a separate campaign and activate a specific link.

Waminda would appreciate any support, resources or financial contributions to help bring this holistic mobile service to remote communities. Any and all support counts. Thank you! 

Waminda on Wheels concept (yet to be named)

Waminda is an Aboriginal women’s health service committed to raising the health, well-being and social status of women and their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families on the South Coast of New South Wales. Waminda provides a unique women's centered approach to primary health care that takes pride in Aboriginal identity, culture and self-determination, recognising that this is central to the health and well-being of women and their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Waminda provides a diversity of services and programs for Aboriginal women and their families including primary health clinics (Aboriginal Health Workers, GP and allied health), maternity services, well-being programs, Intensive family support, integrated case management support (in relation to domestic violence, drug and alcohol, mental health support, disability support), Culturally informed healing programs, counselling, services, parenting support, and justice based programs.

Waminda is one of the largest employers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in the country, providing access to supported employment, mentoring and opportunities to gain skills and qualifications that provide career pathways for our Aboriginal women on the South Coast. 

We propose to establish a MOBILE OUTREACH BUS that takes services to vulnerable women and their children. The service will target women and their children who are at risk of homelessness and impacted by domestic and family violence; however will be a ‘soft entry’ access point for those who may not have access or have limited connections to services and support.

This project will strengthen the capacity to reach out to more isolated communities in the region, build relationships and trust and facilitate access to vital supports and services.

It is envisaged the mobile service would provide:

  • Access to health checks
  • Personal hygiene packs
  • Nutritious Food packs
  • Baby and maternity packs
  • Access to laundry facilities
  • Information, referral and advocacy services

The service will travel to remote parts of the region as well pockets of our urban localities that are not serviced by transport and where our Aboriginal communities reside. These will include, Illawarra, Wollongong,  Coomaditchie,  Jerringa, Wreck bay, Nowra, Bay and Basin area, Ulladulla, Batemans Bay, Wallaga Lake, Bega and Eden.

The van/bus will be fitted-out with the following facilities:

·         Small kitchenette

·         Portable laundry – washing machine and drier

·         A small clinic space for conducting health checks

·         Shower room/wet room

·         Storage for resources i.e. tents, blankets, medical supplies

·         Annex with table and chairs