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Tackling Indigenous Smoking (TIS) - The Balaang and Binjilaang -Aboriginal Women Tobacco Intervention Project

About The Balaang and Binjilaang – Aboriginal Women Tobacco project :
This project supports and encourages women to reduce their smoking levels. The project runs in conjunction with Waminda’s Dead or Deadly, which creates a network of women who support and motivate each other to make positive lifestyle choices.
What we do:
Improving lifestyle habits is also important for chronic disease prevention and management. We know that smoking can have many negative effects on your health, which is why Waminda’s TIS worker assists women to reduce smoking levels and increase quit attempts to achieve better health outcomes. TIS and Dead or Deadly chronic disease prevention & management and healthy lifestyle program model operates using a culturally safe framework for Aboriginal women within the Bega, Shoalhaven and Illawarra areas. Waminda has partnered with Katungal, Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation (CUAC) and the University of Wollongong to deliver the program in a collaborative and comprehensive regional approach.

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Who can access The Balaang and Binjilaang – Aboriginal Women Tobacco project?:
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Women living in the Shoalhaven, Illawarra or Bega regions. Our primary target includes teenage women smokers, pregnant smokers and women smokers of child-bearing age.

How to access us:
For further information please contact the Shoalhaven & Illawarra Dead or Deadly Team - at Plunkett St: 0448 848 427 or our Waminda TIS worker (Emma) on: 0459 898 563