Our History

In the early 1980's the local Aboriginal community was concerned about the lack of health services available for Aboriginal women and their families.  Difficulty accessing mainstream health services
and often the lack of cultural understanding meant there were a number of contentious issues around women's health.  Aboriginal women suffered with lifestyle problems, social and emotional ill-health, isolation and stress.

In 1984 an Aboriginal Women's Health Centre was established.  This was in response to the community's need to have a service especially for Aboriginal women.  The centre was funded by the Health Department to service Aboriginal families living in the Shoalhaven area.  This service was funded under the auspice of Jilimi the Shoalhaven Women's Health and Resource Corporation. In the late 1980's a change of incorporation occurred, Jilimi no longer existed and the South Coast Women's Health and Welfare Aboriginal Corporation - Waminda was established in 1990.  It has been important for Waminda to take an active role in influencing mainstream services to be more culturally sensitive and to improve access for Aboriginal people.

An understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal culture has been necessary for service providers to be able to achieve improved health outcomes for Aboriginal women and their families.