Indigenous Marathon Project

Aboriginal Health worker Kristika Kumar, had applied for a spot for a life changing experience!  The IMP New York Marathon Project 2016 – coordinated by Rob De Costella (World famous Marathon runner) She had a trial on the 4th of February 2016 that included a 3km run, A plank for as long as she could hold, The beep test and finishing with an interview 12 applicants, 6 males and 6 females from all over Australia are chosen to be apart of the IMP running squad. Squad members will be training for the biggest marathon in the world – New York Marathon. Runners attend training camps that are based around domestic fun runs throughout the year, which includes: Canberra, Queensland, Sydney , Alice Springs and New York also to complete studies to attain her Certificate 3 in Fitness. Kristika was successful and made 1 of 6 women chosen for the IMP squad and will be training for the New York City Marathon in November 2016. Training for this marathon will include challenging extensive training, long distance running 5 days per week, eating plans, recovery, stretching, rest, healthy lifestyle habits. Kristika is so excited to be given this once in a lifetime chance to challenge herself and to represent her family from Wreck Bay. She aims to create Indigenous role models and inspire Indigenous people and aims to promotes healthy and active lifestyles throughout Indigenous communities nationally and reduce the incidence of Indigenous disease.

Faye WornerComment