ABC's -Aboriginal Women's sexual assault network faces closure as private funding runs out

'These women suffer in silence'

Melissa Wellington works at the Waminda Aboriginal Women's Health Centre on the South Coast of  NSW and says domestic violence is an issue that afflicts the whole community, not just Indigenous families.

"There's a lot of things that need to happen and change for our Koori community and society as a whole," she said.

PHOTO: Melissa Wellington says her community is proud and many are unwilling to talk about domestic violence.(ABC: Ursula Malone)

"It's a problem across everyone, I don't think it's just our problem."

Ms Wellington said her community was proud and many were unwilling to talk about family violence.

"These women suffer in silence because there's nothing else for them. They don't have a way out," she said.

"She'll probably go to hospital more times than not, that's why the statistics are so high.

"She'll go back and go back and go back because she doesn't have any more support."

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