NABU - Intensive Family Support for Aboriginal Families

Do you have an open case with FACS and need support to keep your children in your care or to have them returned to your care?

About Nabu:
Nabu is designed to work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families to ensure that:

•          Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people remain safe and well
cared for within their family; (Preservation)

•          Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people in the care of the
Minister return safely home wherever possible (Restoration)

The team: 
Families who access Nabu experience a team approach to wrap around them.
The team is made up of Cultural Mentors, Elders, Therapists, Case workers and a Coordinator.

Service area:  Shoalhaven and Illawarra

Referral pathway:
Currently taking referrals from FACS only as this is a fee for service model.
To access Nabu services
or for more information, please call Nabu’s Program Manager
on Waminda’s reception telephone number: 02 4421 7400

How we work:
Nabu focuses on strengthening and maintaining:

•          children’s and families’ connections to culture and their community;

•          parents’ and other significant carers’ abilities to provide a safe and dignity promoting
environment for Aboriginal children, young people and the broader family

•          families’ skills and abilities to enhance the wellbeing of all family members

•          clearly established pathways for families to support themselves to thrive


·         We collaborate with service partners for system wide change so that as a sector we are
meeting the needs and hopes of the families we work with.

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Nabu Documentaries

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