Justice Health Program

This program provides:

  • Health,  Well-being and Holistic Support for Women and their Aboriginal families
  • Case Management ofAboriginal Women incarcerated in Gaol
  • Liaison with NSW Correctional Staff and associated services 
  • Networking with Court System, Circle Sentencing and Legal Services  
  • Re-engagement of Women back into the community before and after their release
  • Facilitate programs to reduce re offending 
  • Waminda will also provide support and facilitate:
    • Culturally appropriate services
    • Court support and advocacy 
    • Education and training 
    • Information
    • Referral services and advocacy
    • Access to specific counseling 
    • Liaise and network with existing services
    • Housing support and Advocacy 
    • Incorporate a cultural, spiritual and family context within which the families live. 
    • Specific programs to target the needs of the clients both in the community and in the Gaol
    • Liaise and Visit inmates and support family members to attend visits