Aboriginal Women’s Health and Well-being Program -  “Dead or Deadly?!”

          Dead, or Deadly is a holistic health program encompassing but not limited to 4 main

          components :

·         Chronic disease prevention & management  

·         Nutrition – theory and practice

·         Physical Activity

·         Smoking Cessation

The Dead, or Deadly?! program is a holistic health promotion initiative designed by and for Indigenous women in the Shoalhaven region..

The Dead, or Deadly?! program delivers a number of outcomes for its clients including healthy lifestyle changes, strengthening of community, building support networks, profiling Indigenous voices, and social and emotional well-being support and improvements. The holistic, relationship-based model of the Dead, or Deadly?! program enables it to address numerous health and related life issues, while creating pathways to and opportunities for Waminda’s other health and clinical services to support these clients.

The 'Dead, or Deadly?!' program enables Waminda to deliver health services according to a social model of health. The 'Dead, or Deadly?! way is effectively leading to positive changes in their client’s health and well-being, including physical health and related factors such as employment, self-esteem, family, education and strengthening cultural identity and connection. The Program has been recognized in Parliament as a unique outstanding  program that actually  ‘closes  the gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Women enter the program for various reasons…social inclusion, weight loss, parole/bail conditions,  chronic disease management / support, exercise, nutritional information etc.

We have created a safe, fun, culturally appropriate space for these women to heal, improve their health and well-being and to create opportunities to grow to their potential.

To find out more or engage with this program please call: Waminda reception : (02) 4421 7400 or contact the 'Dead, or Deadly?! team:

Willow- 0438340705

Hayley - 0458304250


Instagram : @deadordeadly