Supported Employment and Leadership Program

Waminda has a structured supported employment program that encourages Aboriginal Women to enter the workforce within a framework. This framework allows women who may not have been employed before or who may not have had formal training to gain an opportunity in base entry level positions. 

This supported employment includes: 

  • family friendly work environment
  • flexible working hours within a cultural context
  • ongoing work based training 
  • access to tertiary training 
  • access to professional development. 

We are encouraging Aboriginal women to feel empowered about their lives. Without this support most of these women will fall through the gaps and be reliant on welfare, they would not be able to gain fulfilling, life changing, supported personal development. 

The Supported employment is an opportunity for all participants to make a significant change and to make a positive impact within society.

Supported employment is the key for women to become self-reliant to create positive journeys for themselves and their families as well as developing possible career paths.