Women's Gatherings

Njinwan Njin Minga Waraga Bhulungwaraga Bunaan Dhugan - Everyone this is Many Mothers, Many Sisters Gathering in Country

'Aboriginal women have talked about the need to empower our women, to strengthen ties, build upon relationships, to share, to heal, to bring everyone together. Women want to learn from each other and pass down teachings, share stories on country, gather and yarn in circle. Women have talked about taking back their power, wanting to make new connections and reconnect with all women, but also to relax and to enjoy each others company in a safe place. It is a chance to share in song and dance and for Elders of the communities to pass on stories to the younger women and for the younger women to step up and support their Elders.

It is an opportunity for Women to be empowered, whether through experiences of culture, spiritual, mental or physical wellbeing. It provides an opportunity for women to talk about the future, to yarn about what women’s business might look like and what its purpose really is. It’s a chance for the Aboriginal women of these communities to come together and be the voice for what happens in community. 

Women have talked about mothers, daughters and grandmothers getting together, reconnecting with family values, defining women’s business, being able to respect differences and accept all women for who they are, whilst also having sessions or activities just for particular age groups of women so that everyone is heard.' 

- Excerpt from the November 2014 Women's Gathering invitation to community.

The women's gatherings have been supported by Waminda for five years. The next gathering will be happening in the middle of May and will combine with a Cultural exchange with women from the Central Desert.