Cultural Immersions 'In Two Worlds' - an enterprise initiative of Waminda - the South Coast Women's Health & Welfare Aboriginal Corporation

'Let us take you on a journey to understand and experience our Culture and History as First Nations People'

Cultural Immersions are a unique way of learning about, and experiencing cultural identity and local Aboriginal history and culture on the South Coast. Cultural Immersions start you on a personal journey, that journey is guided by local community women from within Waminda and local community members who invite you to see the world through their eyes and in their footsteps to share their stories and connecting you to country.

Cultural Immersions provide opportunities for your workforce and individuals to develop their understanding of Aboriginal culture and to create connections with local Aboriginal people. Cultural Immersions can provide an opportunity for your organization to reduce cultural risks within the workplace and to increase engagement and successfully attract and retain staff.

We will challenge your thoughts and perceptions of Aboriginal people and get you to think outside of your individual worlds that you live day to day.

‘Closing the gap involves non-Indigenous Australians increasing their understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander cultures and developing the skills to become more culturally aware and competent personally and professionally.'

For more information and costing please contact: Cleone Wellington (tel) 02 4421 7400  /