Aboriginal Cancer Care Project

The objective of the Aboriginal Cancer Care Program is:

  • To work with NSW Cancer Council, Cancer Australia and their organisations to provide training for Aboriginal Health worker (AHW)  in the cancer journey through prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment;
  • Through the above collaborations, identify and obtain current resources and develop or adapt additional resources if need is identified to meet the local needs;
  • To organise Cancer Awareness Workshops to be run collaboratively between AHW, Medicare Local and Cancer Staff;
  • To provide community based education on the importance and effectiveness of cancer therapies;
  • To consider needs of the Aboriginal people who need to access the ISLHD Cancer services facilities;
  • To deliver culturally appropriate services through improving the awareness of Aboriginal Culture for mainstream health professionals;
  • To improve accessibilities through provision of outreach clinic and AHW supported by cancer services and Medicare Local staff; and
  • To embed Aboriginal cancer considerations in health planning.